notice to you to cease and desist

IBalance Has Suspended Services and Closed Due To This Mans Actions

I ask that NO HATE is directed  to Moca Joe, I am just stating Documented Facts and  False Statements have consequences. I let Karma sort that shit out.  May Moca Joe Have The Life He Deserves. With L & L IBalance

Dear Mr. Joseph Nichvolodov AKA Moca Joe 

This letter serves as a notice to you to cease and desist all harassing conduct against IBalance Studio, Carlos Tavares, and any workplace where Carlos Tavares may be employed, or legal action will be taken with immediate effect. The harassing conduct includes but is not limited to:

Refraining from online activities, such as, posting untrue reviews that IBalance is infected with the Shingle Virus, and contacting Alberta Health Services, Groupon, Google, The City of Calgary Business Licensing and other authorities, consciously providing false accusations unsupported by facts, while knowing they are untrue, against IBalance and Carlos Tavares.

*Please note that we – as IBalance take our profession very seriously and would never put our clients’ health at risk, and if that involves being 100% transparent and notifying them of a potential illness – they will always be properly notified to ensure their safety.

The false review posted in your name dated June 13,2019 and a complaint to Alberta Health Services and IBalance received a Public Health Complaint Notification via email on Friday Sept 27, 2019 @3:38pm have both led to a site inspection from Alberta Health Services scheduled for Monday October 7, 2019 @ 1:30 pm , which resulted in a closed file. The Alberta Health Services Inspector has mentioned how impressed she was with IBalance space, as well as, our disinfecting and containment procedures. We were told that the person, who made a complaint panicked about the whole situation, making it urgent, where really there was no reason for an inspection.

The 2nd false review left by you on IBalance’s Google review page dated Friday, Jan 17th, 2020 @6:58pm as per my google business notifications under a fake account posing as a friend of Joe Moca – Ryan Cecil, stating the same false Shingle Virus outbreak accusations, almost 5 months later and telling people to avoid IBalance was promptly taken down after legal action was threatened against you, which only proved, this had also been written by you.

After the Alberta Health Services visit proving no risk of infection, in February this year, The City of Calgary Business Licensing Inspector showed up to inspect the IBalance premises on Feb 7, 2020 @ 11am – notifying that 3 complaints were filed with Crime Stoppers saying that the owner of IBalance – Carlos Tavares was operating without a license. The City of Calgary Business Licensing Inspector had also mentioned that “Shingles” was again brought up during the 3 complaints filed.
The City of Calgary Inspector has cleared IBalance to operate and has found that no laws are being broken.

I would like to know why you have put so much effort in significantly damaging my business and personal reputation, especially after a friendly interaction and a warm welcome you have experienced from me and my brother at my place of work on Wednesday June 12th @ 3:30pm just a few months prior, I even promomed your massage that day . I’d like to know why you have felt the need to alter your original review and demanded a refund from Groupon knowing that your statements were false and I followed AHS protocol for my industry.

Please be aware that due to your false and very damaging negative review on Groupon, As of Thursday October 31, 2019 @4:55pm Groupon has cancelled all my campaigns, depriving me of a significant source of income.

Besides substantial harm to my business, brand and personal reputation, as a result of your actions, I have also suffered immeasurable emotional, physical and mental health damage I am doing my best to deal with right now.
To conclude, all the above and a loss of business previously provided by online advertising have led to IBalance closure and leaving me unemployed.

The proper authorities were notified in February, 2020 about your activity and they are investigating the case. Traces of your online harassing conduct under your personal account and your fake online account have also been documented, and my lawyer, whom has already been notified about this situation will contact you immediately if any attempt of the mentioned harassment and/or spreading false information about IBalance studio, myself, or any other place where I work will occur.

I may also be seeking compensation for damages mentioned above, the details of which will be discussed with my lawyer next week.
If you wish to contact me, you can do so at [email protected]

With Gratitude

Kind Regards,
Carlos Tavares
Former Owner of IBalance

All Stated Facts are backed up with emails and documents 

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